Back to Munich

It’s great to be back in Munich. I arrived just a few hours ago and am already settled in for a rather short stay (I’ll be here just 7 nights). I’ve spent so much time in this city over the years and always enjoy being back in Bavaria. Great memories abound here and I hope for more wonderful remembrances from this performance of “Siegfried” that awaits. It’ll be interesting putting this onto the stage with so little rehearsal but I’ve done this type of thing many times in the past. Sometimes, the best performances are the ones where you’re on your toes a bit more than normal.Last week’s semi-staged concert performances of “Bluebeard’s Castle” in San Francisco were truly exciting and very successful. It was wonderful to work with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Michael Tilson Thomas. Michelle DeYoung was a great Judith and the response from the audience was thrilling. Even with doing our staging from basically behind the orchestra, I think the drama and true music theater exploded out into the audience. The staff of the orchestra were also so accommodating and helpful during the ten days. I’ll long remember this project with a warm heart.And speaking of warm, the weather sure has been that, hasn’t it? I LOVE hot weather but I know it is a great inconvenience to many. The east coast and mid-west have been boiling these last few days (but wow, was it chilly in San Francisco last week). The warm weather has even made it to Bavaria and welcomed me upon arrival. Summer is here. And, after this performance of “Siegfried” is completed next Friday night, I’ll be able to enjoy it as well. I’m so looking forward to it.