Yup...It's been awhile

After nearly 3 years, where does one begin to write on a blog. Gee, has anything been happening in the world? As one goes through life, there are moments when you think, yes, this is a defining moment. This is a moment that will change history. Our lives will never be the same. Since the onset of Covid and over these tumultuous last 27 months, I haven’t wanted to cave to that thinking. Yes, I have known far too many who have died. I have seen and felt the tears. Careers have been crushed. Business has changed. National turmoil is probably at its highest point of angst in, well...name your defining moment.

But, this is not who we are. However, we are here at the exact appointed time when we were meant to be. We were made for times such as these. I embrace that.

I have seen and heard wondrous things during these many months. I have rejoiced at student success. I have enjoyed watching their work and rejoice that Covid did not stifle their talents...it’s just made developing them something that has required great adaptation. We continued to perform, entertain, and show that there was much that could be done even when some said nothing should be done. And, it is with particular pride that 3 of my students will be performing with me on the professional stage this summer (I’m going to have to be on my best behavior).

I’ve also taken on new responsibilities and challenges. I’ve often remarked that the bible says nothing about retirement (not that I’m near that age, anyway). Since last June, I’ve been the Director of Sacred Music at the Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception here in Wichita. How great it is to serve our Lord in music and help to bring beauty to our liturgies. It’s also a return to my roots as I’ve been involved with serving in the music ministry of churches since I was around 13 years old. There’s little “performing” and leading that I enjoy more.

And yes, I’ll be back on the road this year singing cherished music and performing with dear colleagues. After eleven years, I’m even returning to the Metropolitan Opera.

Life threw us a horrible curve ball...well, this was more of a knuckle ball. Not being able to complete Ring Cycles in Chicago in 2020 was a great heartbreak. But, on we go...we must make sure that the music keeps going...through pandemics, national strife, international terrors, and anything else that the world throws our way. Without the music, without the grace, without the beauty, well, we then let ourselves be defined. I want no part of that. Onwards!