Wow, that was different

Last night brought a real broadening of horizons as I was the baritone soloist in Edgard Varese’s “Ecuatorial” at the Lincoln Center Festival in New York. Over two nights, the complete catalog of Varese’s music is to be performed. Tonight, the NY Philharmonic takes over the proceedings. Although I’ve sung 20th Century music quite often (and especially enjoy Berg’s “Wozzeck”), this piece was really something new---and I enjoyed it IMMENSELY. I joined the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) for this event which was lead by Maestro Steven Schick. The concert was completely sold out and a long line awaited returned tickets. I was shocked in the interest for this concert and amazed at the response for the sounds which were certainly outside the normal realm of classical music.

And good for us all!!! To see people being challenged in a concert was refreshing. Sometimes, we get caught up in the “same old repertoire” and to make new sounds with traditional instruments can be so engaging. On top of that, electronic instruments that we don’t often hear were part of the evening. Each time a theramin would be played, you could see the eyes of the audience members darting to that side of the stage. It was truly an awesome experience and I’m happy to have been asked to be a part. Oh, one other comment about this event---the members of ICE were truly outstanding in their playing of this most difficult music. What skilled artists and what wonderful dedication they brought to Alice Tully Hall!!! Bravo!!! And Bravo to Maestro Schick. I hope we get to work together again in the future.

The eastern seabord has been hot, Hot, HOT this summer. I’m a lover of hot weather so I don’t mind too much. I always find it easier to get cool in the summer than to get warm in the winter.

My Mother-in-Law turns 90 today which is another cause of celebration. She’s healthy and strong and has a very good shot at being here in 10 years to celebrate #100. Happy Birthday, Nana D.

I now have 10 days off before flying off to Japan and a return to “Salome”. Hopefully, the weather will stay warm and swimming will continue to be on the daily agenda. Yahoo!!!