Some time off

I’ve been taking some much needed time off over the last few weeks. In the previous 9 months, I’d been home less than 2 months and so some days of recuperation and relaxation were in order. Of course, with being away so much, there is often a lot to catch up on when one finally has a break. I’ve also taken this time to work on some new music and do a little “career planning”. There are some very interesting projects ahead. I’m grateful for the opportunity to kick back and then be challenged with new music, new ideas, and stimulating artistic challenges.

Next week, I head to Chicago to take part in the Grant Park Summer Music Festival. I’ve long wanted to be a part of this annual event and am thrilled to be coming into one of my favorite cities to sing, for the first time, Benjamin Britten’s “War Requiem”. What an incredible piece of music this is. This year, we have heard much concerning the 200th birthday celebrations for Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi. However, Mr. Britten would have been 100 this year. His celebration hasn’t received quite as much attention, it seems. However, I notice that several organizations are performing the Requiem this year and I’m glad to be a part of what will probably be one of the largest gatherings to hear his music over the next several months. This should be an exciting engagement.

And I’m thrilled that this is an open air concert with free admission.