Easter and "Siegfried" Rehearsals

As I’ve been swamped with “Siegfried” rehearsals and caught up in the wonderful time of year in which we find ourselves, I haven’t been doing much writing as of late. This time of year in Washington is truly spectacular with the cherry blossoms and other foliage in bright and colorful bloom. It’s a spectacular sight. The cherry blossoms are past peak but many other flowering trees and plants are bursting. It’s lovely to see---but so aggravating to the sinuses.

“Peter Grimes” closed on April 4. I have to say, this was one of the more successful runs and productions I’ve been involved with for a very long time. Performing the show here in D.C. was a joy. We are now moving towards the opening night of “Siegfried” which will be May 2. This is the third installment of the “American Ring” here in Washington. I like very much the concept that has been put together for this production and I’ve had more fun with this “Siegfried” than I usually do with the opera. I think that some will be surprised at the humor that we’ve unearthed in this staging--and yet, it’s all very true to the composition (as well it should be).

This past Sunday, we celebrated Easter. I have to say that Easter is my favorite holiday! It was a spectacular day on the east coast although a bit chilly. I was able to get home and worship with my family at our home church. We then enjoyed a joyous Easter dinner at the home of cherished friends. I did face a ton of traffic driving back to Washington that evening but it was truly a wonderful day. Most important, it was a day that we celebrated our Risen Lord!!!