Singing while Sick

I am so grateful...for great teachers (Thank you Wesley Snyder, George Gibson and Richard Cross) who taught me well and built upon God given talents, to foster a vocal technic that can sustain a singer in so many circumstances. I have been under the weather for about 10 days. I thought I was improving before flying to Munich but got so dehydrated on the flight. Things got worse, quick! On Monday, I really felt bad...on Tuesday, I wasn't able to completely finish a rehearsal due to the bug. I felt a little better yesterday but surely wasn't completely out of the woods. Last night, I coughed off and on all night and was very worried what kind of shape my voice would be in for tonight's performance. Alas, when this kind of thing happens, you have to rely on your gifts and what you've been taught. They haven't failed me in nearly 32 years as a professional singer (I've only had to cancel one performance). Tonight's performance of "The Cunning Little Vixen" was a great performance of this wonderful opera with Franz Welser-Most on the podium with the Bayerische Rundfunk Orchestra. I am indeed most grateful!!! My voice held up very well. Singers, it's all about technic. Don't skimp on it. Ever!!!! Know your technic. Know how you do what you do and what makes you do it even better. On to tomorrow night..and then home on Saturday.