Some much needed and enjoyed time off

It’s been several weeks since I last updated my blog but know that all is well and I’m just enjoying some much needed and cherished time off. It’s been a very long last 12-14 months and I’m grateful to have some time with my family and in my own bed.

The performances of “Tristan und Isolde” in Bilbao were interesting in some respects and challenging in others as we had the situation arise when various members of the cast were ill from one night to another (Fortunately, I stayed healthy). At two performances, the scheduled tenor did the acting on the stage while another tenor sang on the side of the stage. This is always very strange for the other artists as you’re looking at one performer but hearing another’s voice from an entirely different location. I enjoyed my time in Bilbao but was happy to get home in early November.

Since then, I’ve been playing “catch-up” as well as doing my yearly teaching at Yale University. What extraordinary singers are enrolled in the Yale Opera Program. I am thrilled that they are singing so well and doing just great in their performances and competitions. The public master class was also a lot of fun. I become a better singer after each visit to Yale as I take the time to evaluate my own singing when influenced by the thoughts and technical discussions that are shared.

I also performed one of my favorite type of engagements when I sang for a retirement community last week near our home. It is always nice to be able to sing some of the repertoire that has been such a part of your life but that you don’t get to sing on the professional stage too often. Cherished moments!!!

One HUGE thing for me in the past month was celebrating yet another World Series victory for the St. Louis Cardinals---what exciting games (especially Game #6--I’ve never seen anything like it). I was in Spain during the Series and so it was difficult to see all of the games due to the time zone difference. However, it was worth being up in the middle of the night to celebrate another Redbird win.

And speaking of birds, tomorrow is Turkey Day as we celebrate another Thanksgiving!!! This is one of my two favorite holidays (along with Easter). As always, I have much to be thankful for and look forward to spending the day with our family (including our son who arrived home from college at 2:00 a.m. this morning). After that, I’ll still get a few more weeks of vacation while we prepare for Christmas and then head overseas at the end of December as “The Flying Dutchman” once again readies to sail in Munich.

May you all have a grace and peace filled Thanksgiving. Rejoice and give thanks for the abundance we have received during this past year and for the joys of life, liberty, family, and faith