Jolly Old London

Greetings from London!!! It’s been over 4 years since I last visited one of my favorite cities. Over the past 17 years, I’ve spent a great amount of time here but haven’t been here as often as of late. It’s great to be back even if it is strange to re-enter an apartment that I’ve stayed in so often after a long absence. It’s a HUGE deja-vu.

I will write more soon but I just wanted to post that “Rusalka” goes into rehearsal tomorrow and I’m looking forward to being at the Royal Opera House-Covent Garden. Unfortunately, I’ve arrived with a pretty nasty cold--my first cold in nearly 2 years. Ugh!!! However, soon I’ll be hitting the streets of London and posting pictures of some of my favorite spots. I have lots of memories from my time here and also of great experiences with my family. There are a lot of memories that will surely get my writing juices flowing.

Until then---Cheers!!!