Back in Bucks

How great to have some time off and be back in Bucks County. I’ve spent 12 of the last 15 months or so on the road and so it is great to be home for a stretch. We finished up “Siegfried” in D.C. a few weeks ago---a very successful run. The modernized staging worked well and the audiences were very appreciative. On top of that, I had a blast.

Now, I’m settling in and getting things accomplished around home. In many ways, this is harder than singing because fix up projects are not in my natural scope of skills. I have enjoyed the bit of gardening we’ve done and just being outside without having to worry about allergies (since no major singing arrives for a few more weeks). The weather, however, has been so cool and wet that it really hasn’t felt like summer break as of yet. Hopefully, that’ll change soon.

The kids are still in school but we have a kindergarten graduation tomorrow. I’m even helping the kids by singing a song with them---it should a lot of fun.

A few weeks from now, we’ll travel back to my home state where I’ll sing a couple of concerts. We’re also looking forward to being back on campus at Millikin University (our alma mater) where one of my sons will be attending a music camp. It is going to be great to be back in Decatur, Illinois for a few days.

Much of the summer we’ll hopefully be relaxing. After a long time period of much Wagner and Strauss, it’ll be nice to soak up a little lighter “music of life”.