Meet me in St. Louis

I have looked forward to this engagement in St. Louis for a long time. Christine Brewer and I are joining Maestro David Robinson and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra in all Wagner concerts this weekend. Not only am I performing with one of my favorite colleagues, but I’m visiting a city that has meant a great deal to me over the years. As a life-long Cardinal fan, it’s great to be back in “Redbird Country”. I can still run off the starting line-up for the 1967 Cardinals when they beat the Red Sox in a 7 game World Series. Cheering for the Cardinals (and against the Cubs) has been a big part of my life. It’s just wonderful to be back here on the banks of the Mississippi.

Many friends are planning on coming to the concerts this weekend. It will be fun to see one of my groomsmen as well as a junior high school teacher and coach. There are several other friends coming as well--some I haven’t seen in over 30 years.

Speaking of my groomsman, that reminds me of our wedding. I don’t think I have spent a night in St. Louis since our honeymoon 28 years ago. We didn’t have many days to celebrate our wedding due to not being able to get off of work at that time. (Mind you, I’m still celebrating being married to my wonderful bride). We had such a wonderful time here during those 24 hours or so in St. Louis. We went on the Goldenrod Showboat and visited the incredible zoo here in Forest Park (right across the street from my current hotel). This city holds so many memories for me. It’s great to be back.

I’m a little jet lagged as I took the “red-eye” home after Sunday’s performance in Los Angeles. I was home about 48 hours before flying to St. Louis. I look forward to buzzing home after Sunday’s concert and then driving the next day to Ohio in order to pick up our oldest son from college (wow, his Freshman year went fast). I’ll then get about a week at home before heading back to L.A. for more “Gotterdammerungs”.