Back to school (again)

I’ve once again returned to college. No, I haven’t lost my senses and decided to enroll once again. I’m at Cedarville University in Ohio where I taught a master class this evening and will work with students tomorrow. Of course, I’ve done a lot of these classes
over the years (and in the last few months at Yale and Millikin) but when you do one for the first time at a school, it’s always a bit of an adjustment. I really enjoyed the class tonight as the students were all underclassman. It allowed me to get back to basics once again. I always say that these classes help me as a singer as well--going back and going over these items only helps to reinforce the concepts in my own mind. We had an excellent Q and A session following the class.

Cedarville is a wonderful Christian University and I enjoyed being able to attend their daily chapel this morning as well. I look forward to hearing Dr. Brown, the President of Cedarville, speak again tomorrow.

Getting to Cedarville yesterday was a bit of an ordeal as I sat on a plane for 2 hours before having that flight cancelled. After much waiting around, I finally got to Cedarville about 6 hours late (it could have been worse). Sometimes, traveling in winter, is really a tough ordeal. I could have driven to the campus faster than it took to fly.

Today was also Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. I enjoyed attending Mass in Springfield, Ohio this afternoon and receiving the ashes. May this Lent refresh and help us all grow in our spiritual journeys and may it lead us towards a most joyous and beautiful Easter.