One Cruise Complete

I am so relieved to have the first performance of “The Flying Dutchman” completed here in Munich. It was a very fine performance but a bit nerve wracking. As is often the case in the larger theaters here in Europe, rehearsal time was minimal. I did not have time on the set until just before the show this evening and so the performance was very much like a dress rehearsal (with a pretty full if not sold-out house). Performing the role of the Dutchman is a hard task on any night but when you are truly feeling your way around the complete set for the first time, getting used to the acoustic, finding your lighting, working with the orchestra in your first run-through of the series, trying not to get in the way of the chorus, and wearing your costume and make-up for the first time outside of the dressing room area, well, it is quite intimidating. So, all in all, I’m very pleased with how it went--and I look forward to getting another couple cracks at the role during this run.

We have a very fine cast and of course an outstanding orchestra and chorus here in Munich. I have always enjoyed being onstage at The Bavarian State Opera. The audiences are so informed and so appreciative as well of the artist’s efforts. It’s great to be back for my 9th production here in Munich and in a theater that has so much history and tradition.

Oh, and thanks, Herr Wagner, for this incredible masterpiece.