A Bit Chilly

Before, I forget and blather on about the cold weather and life in London, let me invite you to go to the recording page on this website and check out the link to the Youtube clip of the new recording of “Salome”. Isn’t my hair “stunning”.

“Rusalka” rehearsals are under way and going just fine---exciting cast and conductor. This is the same production we did in Salzburg in the summer of 2008 and so it is nice to return to an “old friend”. Sometimes, it feels a bit strange in rehearsal to be on the same set but in such a different setting. You almost feel you’re having an out of body experience. When we rehearsed this nearly four years ago, it was very warm. I rode a bicycle through tranquil countryside surrounded by farms and gorgeous mountains. It was thrilling to feel that sun on your back. However, here in the megapolis of London, it is very chilly, snow has been around, and one has to dodge double decker busses, black taxi cabs, and so many people instead of cows. But once inside the rehearsal hall, things are back to normal. The set is the same and even the soprano a colleague from Salzburg. It’s great to be familiar with a staging and to watch the “new” colleagues re-create their roles with the “old” staging and bringing new ideas to the fore as well. It should be a very good run of one of my favorite operas---such gorgeous music.

As I said, it’s chilly here. I think I thought it would be warmer here than it is. Often, London has warmer winters than the east coast of the USA. It sure felt warmer in the winters of 1997 and 2002 when I was also here. However, this year it doesn’t seem to be the case--and as many of you know, I’m no fan of cold weather. With the horrible cold I had upon arrival, braving the elements is not something I wanted to do in the past week. However, things have indeed improved and I’ve been able to see a few of my favorite sites. I’ll post more on being a tourist in the city soon.

Being sick at any time is not a lot of fun. Being sick on the road is a major bummer. However, I have to say that perhaps, for me, it’s better when I go through the worst of a cold away from home (even if I have to rehearse). I can rest a bit more thoroughly (and more often) and concentrate on getting well far quicker. As a singer, I don’t have much of a choice other than to try and get well as soon as possible. I’m an impatient kind of guy---I’m looking forward to being 100% healthy soon. Until then, I’ll take the 85% health I have now--and that amount of vocal recovery as well.

I hope all who read this are staying healthy and away from the winter germs. Another reason to love warm weather!!! Send it my way.

Oh, the three pictures I posted were taken out of my window looking in each direction. I love the vistas in this old city. It’s nice to be back.