It’s cold and we’re up to our eyeballs (well, not quite) with snow here in Minneapolis. A big storm came in yesterday and today the remnants are blowing all over the place. But, it’s winter. This is to be expected in Minnesota at this time of year. But, what a winter it has been for most of the country. I’m looking forward to Spring (as are most of you) and hoping for warmer days ahead.

Two big dreams occurring---

1. Here in Minnesota, we continue rehearsing “The Dream of Valentino”. This has been a tough rehearsal period of a very complexed and difficult opera. It’s starting to come together and I look forward to opening night. To be honest, I don’t think that many of out cast knew much about Rudi Valentino before beginning work on this opera. This opera by Dominick Argento paints a very fine picture of another time period and another lifestyle. How far we have come in film production since the days of Valentino. And, what a tragic life Rudi lived. It’s been very interesting to unfold all this. And, once again, I enjoy playing the “villain”. I look forward to the opening night of the show on March first.

2. I haven’t talked much about the DREAM season that my Wichita State Shockers are having. They are currently 28-0. You regular readers will remember how I discussed the team during last Spring’s Final Four run. I didn’t think that excitement would come our way any time too soon. And, to be honest, it might be tough to get that far again this year. But, to put together a season like we’re having is simply beyond any of our dreams. It makes no difference what conference you play in or what your competition is. 28-0 in any sport, at any time, is a huge accomplishment. The team deservedly made the cover of “Sports Illustrated” this week. And, the vaunted “S.I. Jinx” did not come to fruition. The Shockers defeated their first opponent following the release of the magazine. So, the dream continues...at least for now.